Hello. I am the default image. A proud Toy Soldier who would like to know people. I post whatever happens to catch my fancy. Often times anime related things. Occasionally perverted things. My favorite band is Iced Earth, and I obsess over mechs. Pick your poison.
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STUDIOMIR (스튜디오미르)
/meer/ : noun : peace.

The Legend of Korra Book One (2012 | 12 episodes) • Think Like a Man (2012 | short)  The Legend of Korra Book Two (2013 | 7/14 episodes)  Road to the Cup (2013 | short)  Asura Online (2013 | trailer)  The Boondocks Season Four (2014 | 10 episodes)  The Legend of Korra Book Three (2014 | 13 episodes)

UPCOMING: The Legend of Korra Book Four (2015 | 13 episodes)  Da Hai (2015 | feature film)  4 untitled DreamWorks co-productions (2014-2018- | 4x78 episodes)